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Sonkir Alkaline Batteries, Ultra Long Lasting, Leak-Proof, 9V Cell (Non Rechargeable)for Smoke Alarms, Guitar Pickups, Microphones and More (2-Pack)


Long Lasting Guaranteed. Designed to prevent damaging leaks and tested twice prior to shipment. Reliability for the devices you use each and every day.


Massive purchase and savings - With 12V 9V battery bulk packaging, Tenergy offers you the best battery value at a reasonable price. The 9V 6LR61 battery delivers long-lasting performance for all your electrical needs.


Reliable performance - Even at temperatures as low as -4°F or as high as 129°F, Tenergy 9v daily alkaline batteries operate at peak performance. Please be assured that Tenergy adheres to our battery performance.


5-year shelf life and date code - In an emergency, you don't want to have no energy when you need it most. Our long-lasting 9V battery delivers up to 5 years of shelf life and reliable backup energy so you can be ready at any time.


Always Leak-Proof - Leak-Proof with improved sealing structure to protect your devices from damage caused by the leakage. Always Green - free of Mercury, Cadmium, and Lead to maintain a sustainable environment

Sonkir Alkaline Batteries

  • Always Compatible

    SONKIR All-Powerful Alkaline Batteries are designed to power both high and low drain devices. We provide unbeatable power to your devices and make your life easier.


    Always Leak-Proof

    SONKIR All-Powerful Alkaline Batteries are employed with improved sealing structure to protect your devices from damages caused by the leakage. Whenever our batteries are in storage, during the usage, or at end of the battery life, they will not leak at any time under the proper usage and storage situations.

  • - Industry-leading 12-Month Money Back Warranty

    - After-sale Support:

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