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Sonkir pH Test Strips, Test pH Level for Acidic Alkaline Universal Litmus Test Paper Strips Instant Results in Seconds, Full pH Range of 0-14 (100ct)

Sonkir pH Test Strips

SKU: 0007
  • What is the Meaning of pH 0-14 ?
    If the pH value is less than 7, it indicates the solution is acidic; if the pH value is more than 7, it indicates the solution is alkaline; if the pH value is equal to 7, it indicates the solution is neutral.
    The smaller the number, the stronger the acidity; the larger the number, the stronger the alkalinity.

    Kindly Notes
    These paper strips will only provide you with a rough pH value of the solution to be tested, and if you require exact and accurate pH readings, then you might need to get a pH meter.
    In addition, since in most cases the pH values of solution are not exact integers, the resulting colors of the stripes would not necessarily match any column of the comparison color chart exactly, and you could choose the nearest color column as the final result.

    Wide Applications
    It is widely applied to science laboratory, school edu- cation, commercial manufacture, industrial pollution controlling, agriculture etc.
    It is also suitable for testing pH values of household drinking water, RO system, hot tub, swimming pool, aquarium, homemade bevera.

    How to Use
    Step 1: Dip a pH strip into the solution to be tested.
    Step 2: Wait for half a second and take it out of the testing solution.
    Step 3: Immediately match this color change against the standard pH color chart on the card board to confirm pH value.
    Step 4: The corresponding number to the paired color column is the pH value of the solution you had measured.

    Package Contents
    1 x box of Universal pH Test Strips
    1 x User Manual

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